8 Maggio 2019

Innomed Digital Health in China

Project co-financed within the framework of  the European Regional Development Fund POR CAMPANIA FESR  2014-2020 – Public Notice for the financing of grants for the internationalization programs for Campania SMEs

INNOMED DIGITAL HEALTH IN CHINA is a strategic programme, financed by Campania Regional Government within context of the POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014/2020 – Axis III specific objective 3.4 Public Notice, aimed to strengthening the presence of companies on foreign market.

The INNOMED programme was focused on the Chinese market which presents numerous opportunities for the ICT sector in the biomedical field, our core business.

The programme was designed taking into account the expected prospects both as a research provider and as a provider of ICT services in the biomedical field, increasing the competitive advantage both in Italy and in other countries.

The proposed strategy, therefore, provided the implementation of different actions aimed not only at opening up to new markets but also, from an innovative point of view, the process of industrialization of the results of research activities, attracting capital and investments.

As for the vastness of China, the actions were implemented mainly in the Hubei Province, where the University of Science and Technology of Wuhan is located, an area with a high concentration of various actors from the research and innovation system and since 2019 we have been carrying out several actions for improving our research potential in the health and biomedical sector and developing highly innovative services in the ICT sectors in the biomedical field.

The activities started on the 20th of February 2019 and were closed on the 28th of February 2021.  

The first phase foresaw the participation in two international events for the promotion of innovation, with the specific objective of strengthening the relationships of companies with the reference market favoring the development of strategic partnerships and opportunities for industrialization and marketing.

Participation in INFIERI European / Chinese academia and industry meeting – WUHAN

Participation in INFIERI Workshop on Chinese digital opportunities for health services and B2B meetings with commercial operators – WUHAN

The second phase, initially focused on a subsequent incoming action in Campania of selected Chinese operators in the ICT and digital health sector, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was dedicated to the development of research and innovation projects with the Huazhong University Dpt. and ICT companies followed by a Digital International Meeting on Cisco Webex Platform for the sum-up of the final results.